Price List


Shorten or lengthen hem
no cuffs $6
with cuffs $10
Hem with lining or wide legs $8-10
Jeans original hem $10
Jeans mend one hole $3-7
Take in or let out waist $10-12
New zipper $10-12
Taper legs $10-15
New elastic (waist band) $8-10
Take-in both sides or inseam $10-15


Shorten or lengthen sleeves $9-25
Shorten length $14.5-25
Take-in side seams $10-25
New zipper $15-25


Shorten or lengthen sleeves $6-12
Take-in side seams (no lining) $10-15
Shorten length (no lining) $6-7
Narrow shoulders $12-15

Dresses or Skirts (casual)

Take-in sides $12-15
Take-in sides with lining or zipper $15-25
Take-in waist $8-15
Shorten/lengthen hem, no lining $8-15
New zipper $10-20
Shorten straps $6-12

Dresses (formal)

Shorten length
no lining $10-25
with lining $15-35
Shorten length, two+ layers $25-50
Take-in sides
regular $15-25
with boning, beads or zipper $20-$35
Shorten straps $7-$15
Wedding gowns
shorten length $50-100
take-in sides $35-50
regular $15-45
Bustle (French) $35-65

Military, Police, Fire Fighter Uniforms

Sew-on rank/rate/chevrons
each $3-$8
Shorten or lengthen sleeves
no lining $6-$15
with lining $20-$25
Hem uniform pants (no lining) $6
Hem uniform pants (with lining) $10
Take-in uniform side seams
no lining $20
with lining $20-$25
New uniform zipper $10
Move or change uniform buttons $1.50-$3

Formal uniform alterations/modifications available upon request

Leather, Sweaters, Curtains, Pillows, and Custom Items

Prices available upon request based on the specific item and alteration required

Other Alteration Services

Add button and button hole $5
Snaps $3
Shorten belts $5-$7
Wedding Dress Preservation Price on request
General mending Price on request

Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Need it immediately? We offer Next Day Express Service on most items Monday through Friday. (Additional service charge. Inquire for pricing.)


Dress shirts (each) $1.95

Dry Clean

Dress shirts (each) $3.50
Pants/Jeans $3.50
Blouse $3.50 and up
Skirt $3.50 and up
Dress (casual) $5 and up
Dress (formal) $15 and up
Wedding Gown $50 and up
2-piece Dress $8.50 and up
Sweater $3.50 and up
Jumpsuit $10
Overalls $7.50

Jackets and Coats

Jacket (Regular) $4.50-$6
¾ Coat $10
Over Coat $12
Rain Coat $15

Suits and Associated Wear

Suits (2 piece) $9.50
Suits (3 piece) $12
Tuxedo (2 piece) $13
Tie $3
Hat $3

Blankets, Covers, and More

Comforter (all sizes) $20 and up
Bedspreads (all sizes) $20 and up
Sleeping bag $15 and up